On Fire Leadership® in Action!


“Dave’s strong basis in knowing the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of personalities, moods, motivations, ethnicities, cultures, intellectual capacities, and life experiences allowed him to create and present a powerfully important program. Dave has so much to offer and I would strongly encourage any school or business leader to engage his unique abilities and human presence in the effort to build better work — and better-working — communities!”
— Ed Molush | Educational Leader



“Dave immediately made an impression on our staff. His motivational style and ability to simplify internal conflict within business development was impressive, effective and original!”
— Chris Waddell | CFP, Division Manager of Waddell and Reed



“Dave is a dynamic, energetic speaker with a valuable message to share. I recommend him to any organization.”
— Ron Taylor | Principal, The Ron Taylor Group



“We believe our benefits are the direct result of Dave’s passion for education and training and sincere interest in student and success of the project. He has shown us to be uniquely insightful, flexible and committed to our success. To that end, we will continue to utilize Dave for future projects aimed to increase revenue and productivity, improve communication, and reduce our chance of loss and potential lawsuits.”
— Don Beyer | Don Beyer Automotive Group, Owner and President





“Best presentation and training in 39 years of civil service!”
Retired Colonel in the US Air Force