Dave Gerber and Dave Maurer have spoken to over 10,000 diverse senior executives, leaders, managers and employees from organizations, of all sizes, all across the United States! Some of the clients and/or participants are from:



• Dominion Power

• Novo Nordisk

• Military & Intelligence Community

• Medical & Dental Community

• Martial Arts Community

• ManTech International


• National League of Cities

• Project Management Institute

• PA House of Representatives

• “On Fire” Leadership Conference

• …and many more!!

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Read What Attendees Say about Dave Gerber’s Speaking Presentations…


“Synergy Sand Film” – Dave is the only speaker in the world that uses innovative, rarely seen, moving sand art. Experience the connection between the film and keynote/event theme and realize in the first three minutes that choosing Dave to speak at your event was a great decision! “Viewing the sand film was a unique and innovative way to key into the theme of Dave Gerber’s presentation to our annual state league staff workshop. It brought home the point that anything worth creating — and worth creating well — has to be done at the right pace and with a team of people who can work well together. Our meeting attendees very much enjoyed the film and the way it so beautifully connected to the theme of Dave’s program.”
— Scott A. Morris | Manager, State League Programs, National League of Cities


“Dave delivered an outstanding presentation at a recent SHRM conference, inspiring the HR professionals in attendance to make conflict work to the benefit of their organizations. His dynamic, high energy style coupled with his expert use of multi-media kept the audience at the edge of their seat and fully engaged throughout. His cutting-edge approach to conflict was truly transformative. I would highly recommend him as a speaker or trainer for companies who are ready to revolutionize the way they think about their people.”
— Shira Harrington | Founder & President, Purposeful Hire, Inc.


“Dave Gerber exceeded my expectations from start to finish. Our packed conference had 110 professionals that were fully engaged, in appreciation of valuable training and entertained for the 4 hours he spoke. Dave is one of the best presenters and trainers I have seen in my 44+ year experience in the industry, with conference attendance and as a board member. Not only can he present extremely well, his content knowledge is extensive and his passion seemed unlimited. Dave would be a great asset to any conference, convention, workshop or training seminar!”
— Fred Klein | President, TRI STATE ASHI


“Dave Gerber’s passionate delivery and relevant information resonated with me, as it did for nearly 100 others in attendance at his recent ‘On Fire Leadership’ seminar at the Washington DC PMI Chapter. His high energy, effective and memorable use of humor and certainly, the exceptional content of his presentation made for a most impressive training experience. He understands the world of work, and more specifically, the world of project management. His integration of fresh approaches to success within the context of projects will prove most useful to me immediately and in the future. I was so impressed with our training day that I am looking forward to hiring Dave for two events of my own.”
— Sandi Redman | Project Manager, NTCA


“We believe our benefits are the direct result of Dave’s passion for education and training and sincere interest in student and success of the project. He has shown us to be uniquely insightful, flexible and committed to our success. To that end, we will continue to utilize Dave for future projects aimed to increase revenue and productivity, improve communication, and reduce our chance of loss and potential lawsuits.”
— Don Beyer | Don Beyer Automotive Group, Owner and President


“Thank you very much for your great efforts over the past month. The motivational presentation was great. The feedback from the team, including our top senior management was very positive. I was pleased that the CEO and the International Coordinator visiting from Italy were very positive. I greatly appreciated your help and the presentation itself!”
— Matt Showan | Marketing Manager, Maccaferri


“Dave Gerber is a dynamic, energetic speaker with a valuable message to share. I recommend him to any organization.”
— Ron Taylor | Principal, The Ron Taylor Group


“Within any organization, conflict is present in a variety of ways. Whether the conflict is positive or negative most people are uncomfortable handling on their own. Without question, Synergy Development & Training has developed programs and useful tools that have helped us make an immediate impact to make conflict a productive interaction between individuals. Each year they have consistently delivered innovative, passionate, and actionable skills that support our drive toward excellence and help our staff members develop competencies throughout the organization. Managers and employees leave each class energized and viewing conflict more as an opportunity to minimize concerns and less as an excuse or risk to avoid something. I offer my highest recommendation for Synergy Development and Training to develop and deliver your Conflict Resolution coursework.”
— Lee Corbett | Manager, Performance and Development


“I selected Dave Gerber to be the keynote speaker at the opening general session of the National League of Cities (NLC) State League Staff Workshop, which is an annual 2 1/2 day program sponsored by NLC for the staffs of state municipal leagues around the country. I am glad that I asked Dave to be the keynote because he was passionate and engaging and did a very good job of connecting with the audience. I received a lot of positive feedback onsite about Dave’s presentation, with several meeting attendees telling me that he knew his subject well, and that they learned a lot about team building and conflict resolution. I would recommend Dave Gerber to any organization!”
— Scott A. Morris | Manager of State League Programs, Center for Member Programs, National League of Cities


“We enjoyed having Dave Gerber speak to our management team at our recent workshop. Dave’s content was informative and very applicable and his delivery was innovative and captivating. His approach to training made the new subject matter easy to understand and apply. His model on “how to plan for difficult discussions” is compelling, practical, and easy to use. We now have a defined path and the potential to heighten collaboration, increase performance and potentially avoid the loss of efficiencies that stem from unaddressed conflict in our workplace. I highly recommend Dave Gerber to anyone looking to equip themselves and their employees with these skills to manage conflict, thereby improving their organizational culture.”
— Katherine E. Lundstrom | Coray Gurnitz Consulting


“Everyone I talked to remarked on how engaging you were…made for a good learning experience. Thanks again!”
— Laura M. Obloy | SAIC Program Manager/Vice President, Infrastructure, Logistics, and Product Solutions Group


“Dave Gerber immediately made an impression on our staff. His motivational style and ability to simplify internal conflict within business development was impressive, effective and original!”
— Chris Waddell | CFP, Division Manager of Waddell and Reed


“I hired Dave for the position specifically because of my confidence in his ability to design and deliver successful programs!”
— Joseph Roy | High School Principal


“Dave’s strong basis in knowing the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of personalities, moods, motivations, ethnicities, cultures, intellectual capacities, and life experiences allowed him to create and present a powerfully important program. Dave has so much to offer and I would strongly encourage any school or business leader to engage his unique abilities and human presence in the effort to build better work — and better-working — communities!”
— Ed Molush | Educational Leader


“Not only is Mr. Gerber very knowledgeable about his content areas, he establishes excellent rapport with participants. His motivational, positive style encourages others, ideas and strategies that have immediate application. Dave brings more energy and life into his work than any other instructor I have ever experienced!”
— Joyce Ness | Director of Continuing Professional Education, MCIU

Read What Attendees Say about Dave Maurer’s Speaking Presentations…


Dave Maurer

“You have a wonderful combination of theory and real world examples that make your presentation come alive. Your examples come from both work and being a father and you speak with strong credibility. Audacious!”
— Warren Pack


“I left the presentation with the confidence I need to better myself and my leadership skills!”
— Seton Hall University Business School student and member of the Leadership Development Honors Program


“We received a very insightful presentation, in which Mr. Maurer shared many anecdotes and tips that he learned throughout his impressive 22-year military career and corporate leadership experiences!”


“Intuitive and applicable towards career objectives!”


“Thank you for an extraordinary learning experience for our Leadership Class of 2019. The feedback from the students raves about the learnings they received, and the excitement, passion and humor in your delivery. You are awesome! Your schedule permitting, I would love for you to come back and present these learnings to our Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores!”


“Dave, you not only hit a homerun, you hit a grand slam. We all loved it. Thank you so very, very much, my dear friend. Thank you for you, and all that you do. It means so very much to all of us!”